Why Join Business Aviation Safety Consortium?

  • Logical SMS, Regulatory, and Operational excellence verification for high performing organizations
  • Compliance/conformity achieved via active membership
  • Program Membership based on continuing education, formatted internally completed audits, 25% of Membership sampled annually via external audits
  • Standard based purely on ICAO Annex 6 Part II, Annex 19, and ICAO Document 9859
  • Standardization Board comprised of Operators
  • Data sharing
  • Annual fee includes ALL basic features except travel expenses for external audit
  • Safety dividend

For more in-depth details of the program, please contact Rick Malczynski at 860.866.8650 or click the button below to send an email.

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As a Member

  • Your team is given the tools and extended networking to innovate, verify, and sustain your SMS at a High Performing Level
  • Your team has access to and actively participates in the focal point for all things Business Aviation SMS, without the distractions
  • Your team is not subject to trendy, bright idea, feel good notions that are not part of any regulation
  • Your team has direct input to recommend changes and improvements to the program, and your input is valued and respected while the integrity of the program is maintained
  • You are a voting Member regarding the future direction and progress of the BASC
  • You are given full access to a diverse support team and network of SMS Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Your department gains the benefit of cumulative data shared among the Membership
  • Your organization receives and maintains a SMS Letter of Compliance and Certificate with a gold embossed seal

To be a Member

  • Your team must have completed an IS-BAO, BASC, or other approved SMS focused audit by a third-party provider within the past two years
  • Your team must agree to submit an internally completed, BASC formatted audit on an annual basis
  • Your team must agree to participate in the BASC external audit program, which audits a sample group of 25% of the Membership annually. This equates to one external audit every four years
  • Your team must agree to participate in continuing education quarterly webinars
  • Your team is expected to periodically present topics, training, and success stories at continuing education quarterly webinars
  • You are asked to consider serving on the Standardization Board
  • You are requested to vote on issues brought before the Membership
  • Pay annual Membership fee that is inclusive of the audit checklists, updates, continuing education, internal audits, certification, external audits (not including expenses), and eligibility for a “Safety Dividend” based on BASC operating expenses